The best things about Victorian property construction and design

Victorian properties were constructed by master craftsmen and there was a boom in that era. So many properties were built and as a result the quality was extremely high as so many people were being trained at the time. in this article going to look at some of the most amazing techniques employed by the Victorians to build these beautiful properties. We’re going to start with the brickwork, the beautiful Yellow Bricks that make properties in London look amazing for example. With them going to go right the way through to the plumbing, and even the hot water system that they began to incorporate towards the end of the year. And where would traditional Victorian properties in London be without the beautiful sash windows as well. So there’s a say we’ll go through all of those.

Beautiful yellow stock bricks

London homes with made for the most amazing yellow stock bricks. It’s hard to fully understand how beautiful these bricks were and occasionally you see the odd property that risks cleaning them. It doesn’t matter where they have them cleaned manually or they use a chemical to remove the dirt. The most amazing thing about these bricks is the vibrant yellow colour; it makes a real building almost come to life. Nowadays these bricks are extremely expensive and very sought after. One brick alone could set you back nearly £1. Just imagine how many bricks you need to build a quality home…

Beautiful cornice on the Ceiling.

Cornice work is a Dying trade just out of the fuel cost. These beautiful and ornate patterns that were rendered and plastered into the ceilings can no longer be here for did in typical properties. The Victorians were extremely fortunate in the Labour was considerably less of a cost overall per household. This meant the some of the most amazing work was able to be constructed and take place. The beautiful corners on ceilings is the perfect example where by a tradesman weren’t rushed because the cost of living was so much lower and therefore wages reflected that. It gave the average tradesman plenty of time to make stunning examples. If I were to say there was one thing in every Tory property that looks amazing I definitely think it would be the Victorian cornice.

Amazing sash windows constructed in the Victorian period.

Victorians were fortunate enough to have sash windows but amazingly they came before the Victorian times. It was just that the Victorians perfected the art and may beautiful sliding sash windows. Slightly after the Victorian times came the Georgian Glazing bars which were built mainly to reduce the cost of glazing. didn’t these amazing sash windows haven’t been improved on today and we still use traditional sash cord with white metal counterbalance to keep the windows from falling. It’s a model that they simply haven’t been approved on then there really hasn’t been much in the way of development. There are modern spiral balances but fortunately there far inferior and don’t last as long. glazing come a long way with double and triple, but the actual mechanism itself really was built brilliantly the first time.

Central heating for a Victorian period property.

Victorians came up with the idea of installing a water boiler directly above the furnace in the lounge. This meant as the heat rose it heated up the water and gave birth to the first baths in the typical Victorian property. Once upon a time it was required that many servants would carry buckets of water for a comfortable bath. This began the revolution of bathing in comfort..

As you can see the Victorians had brilliant building techniques and many of them still implemented today just with a little bit more of it technology attached to it. It’s going to be very interesting to see where our building techniques are in 100 years time from now. They might look back and see that this was a forgotten era.