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When you decide to travel across the borders of your country of birth, you need a passport. The difference in passports depends on if you are going abroad to tour or to work. Generally, working passports are valid a time longer than touring passports. When you need a passport you apply for one at your local Home affairs office if there is one in your area. Before you start the application process make sure you have your ID photos ready. You will also need to give your reasons for wanting the passport on the application form you fill in.

1. Costs involved

The passport cost is about £72.50, or £82.25 if you use the Post Office’s Passport Check and Send service. Child passports cost £46, or £55.75 using Check and Send. . For a new passport needed more urgently you can pay extra to book an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre and get your passport on the same day using the same day service for £128 or within a week for £103

2. What documentation will you require?

You must send original documents that prove your identity as part of your application. You must send originals - photocopies or certified copies won’t be accepted. Laminated documents can only be used to prove a change of name, in the case of being married among others. It should take three weeks to renew a standard adult passport, or six weeks to be issued with your first British passport. Her Majesty’s Passport Office may contact you and arrange a time and date to interview you as part of applying for your first adult passport.  Always remember the reason you are applying for the passport. It can be rather daunting to go through all the formalities, so thinking about your holiday or work experience can keep you grounded.

3. Contacting the passport office

There are many reasons why you would need to contact the passport office. When you find that you do need to contact them, there are a number of ways to do so. Below are some of them,

Ø  Email them at, This email address is if you have any questions before you apply, you want to make sure you have the correct documentation first. If you have already applied, use the message box to leave a message. If you don’t want an automated response leave the letters GQ in the subject field of the email.

 Ø  Telephone +44 (0)300 123 1837 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 9am to 4pm). No after hour calls will be accepted.

 Ø  You can contact the passport office by post by writing to :

            Certificate Services Section

            General Register Office

PO Box 2



Always make yourself extremely clear in any correspondence with the passport office so that there are no comebacks and not any back and forth communications. Keep things running as smoothly as possible to avoid delays.

4. Need a passport urgently?

book a fast track appointment if you need a passport urgently. You can’t use these services if you are applying for your first passport or for other certain types of passports you will receive your passport within 4 hours of your application being accepted. You must go to the passport customer service centre to collect it. The Fast Track service means your passport can be delivered to your home address within one week of your application being accepted. Keep in mind that using this facility will cost a bit more.

5. To sum it all up

When you need to apply for a passport you need to make sure you have all your paperwork in order, all original certificates such as I.D. card and birth certificates. Make sure you have extra cash on hand for photos and paying for the passport. If you are in need of your passport urgently, make a fast track appointment. Decide if you will use the check and send service or the post or collect yourself. A word of advice, do not plan any trips until all the formalities are sorted out or rather until you are holding your passport.

Keep in mind that however much all these procedures annoy you and irritate you, once you have the documentation you need you can get on with the business of planning your trip. You will be able to travel or work oversees and never have to worry about being deported or any other bad luck happening concerning your legal papers. Your papers are an extension of yourself and should be kept in order at all times. Go ahead and enjoy your trip. You have worked hard for this and deserve every minute of it.

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