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The evolution of art

People have always made art. Since the very beginning. Since before we learned how to write, how to speak. We have painted caves eons ago, and we picked up clay and shaped it into characters and objects. Art might be an instinct to human beings the same way it is to bond to each other or fight to death, to search for food or to look for a dry place to sleep at night. Ever since we started developing our brain and became able of representing things that were part of our lives, our feelings and our experiences, we started making art.

It has been a long way since then, and art itself has evolved greatly, becoming more complex as we did. We created cultures that have their very own outlooks on life and their ways or representing reality and the products of our collective imagination. Every society, from the past and the present, can be recognised now by the art they have created. And we can be amazed, and enjoy watching paintings and drawings, listening to music and poetry, reading tales and legends, and beholding the infinity in human creativity. Some people love to appreciate art and engage in cultural journeys, getting to know people through their creations, sharing the human experience and finding new ways to represent it and convey it. That is art.

Art museums in Britain

What is great about an art museum is that you get to see many creations and styles without much effort or time needed, and you have the addition of guided tours or experts telling you everything about what you are watching. Art museums exist so people can appreciate and learn about different artistic currents and works, both from local artists and from faraway creators, some of them fading in the mists of time. Curators gather all these valuable pieces, study them, learn about them, and then set them on display so the experience and knowledge can be shared with the rest of the world.

Art museums are records of human experience. Each person in each culture of each age has a very unique way to be affected by the events of life and a very personal point of view on them, so it is always constructive and interesting to take a look inside their hearts by appreciating the art they have created. Also, visiting an art museum is an emotional trip, because we get to glance at human misery and joy, love and fear, and a million emotions and experiences, all of them reflected in artwork. It is very constructive, very entertaining, and it expands our outlook on life by sharing many other people’s honest point of view about it.

There are many art museums in Britain, especially in main cities like London. The British people have traveled and conquered many lands during the Christian age, so we have collected many pieces - not many of them repatriated - from all the corners of the world. Now they are here, available for us to behold them, and a museum is the place for that.

Visit Tate

Tate has a series of art museums in the United Kingdom, where you can appreciate several samples of artwork, both from the past and the present. Each one of them specialises in a different rage of human creations, and here are contact numbers for some of them, so you can give them a call and find out about tours, guided visits and events hosted.

Tate Modern TEL: 0844 850 0147. Visit this museum to see modern and contemporary art from many countries. Opening hours: 10:00 a. m. to 18:00 p.m.

Tate Liverpool TEL: 0844 850 0155 If you are at Liverpool, you can visit this museum and see both national and international art from contemporary years. Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 17:50 p.m.

Tate Britain is another museum in the same line but in this place you will be able to appreciate artwork from Britain including a wide historic range of pieces, from the XVI century to present day. Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.

Note that all Tate museums are free entry, so you can go and enjoy their exhibitions any time. Give them a call and find out about art events taking place. These museums usually host themed exhibitions and special guided tours so you learn more about pieces of art, and these events are usually free of charge. Also, note that when you call these numbers, all charges may apply, when calling 0844 numbers please be advised that extra call charges apply more than normal local rates, of up to 7p per minute.

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