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Why should you learn to play music?

Who doesn't like any music genre? I dare you find one sigle person who doesn't enjoy at least one type of song, at least the sound of one instrument. It's a fact, we all love music. And we have the pleasure of listening to it thanks to the hard work of musicians and sound technicians who studied hard and practiced every day until they were able to pull off the sounds and melodies that we like to listen to. 

So why shouldn't you become one of them? You sure like some music genre, and you enjoy listening to certain songs. When you work, when you travel, when you are at leisure, when you study or when you gather with your friends, you name it. I can tell you: playing an instrument feels much better than simply listening to someone else do it. 

You can create your own songs and sounds, and express yourself in a new, very satisfactory way. You can play in front of others and share your abilities with them, or make music by yourself and enjoy the sound you create. Pick the instrument you like the most and your favourite music genre - or even learn about new ones! - and get started. Playing music is therapeutic because it makes you feel better about yourself and gives you a sense of accomplishment, and it also helps you express your feelings and turn them into something beautiful.

Pick your genre

Most people like the music of thir own era. It's the sounds they grew up with and the songs they shared with their friends and family along the way. These styles are linked with powerful memories of happy times and fun, so it is no surprise that they hold them dear. If you learn to play an instrument, whatever it is, you can make those sounds yourself and share them with people your age, those who enjoy the songs just as much as you do. And you can even play that music to other people, those who are younger or older than you, and give them the chance to experience them perhaps for the first time. If that music made you so happy or you liked it so much, maybe they will have the same experience!

Some styles that were all over the place some decades ago are now a niche, with few people still cultivating those sounds and instrument techniques. Yet, those styles still persist, and those who enjoy it don't let it die. These styles are so friendly that they can charm people from any generation, always creating something new while keeping faithful to what they are. Jazz is one of those styles, so if you want to make some smooth jazz sounds with a saxophone or a bass guitar you will find people who enjoy what you do(try playing synth bass to give the sounds a special touch!). Or maybe you are into blues and you'd rather become a unique bluesman instead, anything can be achieved with practice and guidance!

Also, don't forget that many people, especially the young ones, use music to reconnect with their cultural roots. This is especially powerful in immigrants or their descendants, so learning to play traditional instruments like the sitar or the charango, singing traditional ladino songs or japanese enka, could be a very powerful experience for you if you want to share the feel with your ancestors.

Where to learn music

If you have selected your instrument - or at least decided that you want to learn to play music - and you're looking for a place where to do so, while at the same time listening to new styles, making friends and forming bands, then let me suggest that you consider the Calderdale Music Trust as your first option. 

Calderdale Music Trust is an organization placed at West Yorkshire that teaches music to kids and young people. They offer the possibility of joining bands and ensembles and having fun while making music and friends at the same time. These are community centers so the interests and needs of communities are addressed, and nobody is left out, everyone who is really interested in learning music gets a chance. 

It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about music at all, you can start from the very beginning and choose from a wide range of instruments and musical styles until you find the one you like the most. You will also have the opportunity to listen to live music from different artists, so you shouldn't miss the chance to be a part of their community!

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